Minecrafted.net was formed in 2011 as a Minecraft community which eventually evolved into a hosting company in 2012. We became a fully registered LLC in Pennsylvania in August 2012.

Our core team is dedicated to providing the very best Minecraft hosting platform for our customers. We consistently have 100% uptime month after month and high end enterprise hardware to ensure no/low lag play.

We have a very unique company ethos. Our prices are kept low by keeping costs low. This means we don’t provide much direct support on how to use your Minecraft server. Instead we have a thriving community support forum with hundreds of active users just like you and authorized representatives to help point you in the right direction.

Our hardware speaks for itself, we use top of the line hardware for our hosting environment to ensure our customers have a stable and high-performance experience. You won’t ever see us using desktop processors like the i5 or i7, we strictly use server-grade processors such as the X5670,E3-1270v2 or E5-2680. All of our Minecraft Host Nodes use SSDs for the very best performance.

Example of Node2 server specifications:

  • Dual Intel Xeon Hex Core Westmere X5670 (24HT Cores @ 2.93GHz)
  • 64GB DDR3 Triple Channel Registered Memory
  • 3x 64GB SSD - 3Gbps - SLC - Enterprise Class
  • Raid 0 (Hardware - 512MB Cached /w BBU) /w 500GB HDD For Backup
  • 1Gbps Network Port


All of our servers are located in Philadelphia, PA USA on a 1Gbps network port. Most of our network traffic will flow through Level3 to provide all of our end-users with very good routes and low latency.

This is a great choice for experienced server owners, and those who are new… -TLande
Fast, inexpensive, great customer service! Minecrafted.net did an excellent job of helping me… -h0n3k0n3k0
Great, personable service, fast setup (within 2 hours for me), and a low price. Can't beat it at all. -charbok
THIS HOST IS AMAZING. Their prices are amazingly awesome, and the support is second to none… -cheese5100